“This may be your best arrangement yet. Thanks for the music to ‘Let There Be Peace on Earth’.”

Barbara Christensen- Barbara Christensen, Memphis Harp Ensemble director

“Got the music in today’s mail (that was fast!) Lovely and well worth the wait! Please keep me on your mailing list. I’ve enjoyed everything you’ve written so far!”

Kris Snyder- Kris Snyder, "The Muses" Director

“I wanted to tell you how much I LOVE this piece (A Christmas Canon). I’ve been playing it incessantly and have somehow managed to memorize both parts. Thank you for such a lovely piece.”

Helen Rudd- Helen Rudd

“Our harp circle members are IN LOVE with your arrangements! Thank you for giving us some of the most luscious harmonies and interesting patterns we’ve ever had the pleasure of playing!”

Debbie Conrad- Debbie Conrad

“Hi Janet, Just a quick but heartfelt thank-you for your music. You have a devoted following here in western Montana, and a small group gets together regularly to play your ensemble music. We cannot get together without playing “America the Beautiful” and sighing, loudly, collectively. “Ohhhhhh, so beautiful”–it’s becoming funny! Thanks for giving us so much pleasure!”

Janie Taylor- Janie Taylor, Merry Jane Music, Missoula, MT

“Janet’s ensemble arrangments are innovative, and no one gets a boring part!”

Rachel Avery- Rachel Avery, harp ensemble leader in Madison, Wisconsin

“I’m fascinated by your arrangements. Your work with the Somerset Harp Ensemble was the absolute BEST I’ve ever heard at a conference.”

Ray Pool- Ray Pool, at Somerset Harp Festival, July '09 in Alexandria, VA

“I’ve been enjoying your CD very much- lovely music and arrangements.The variety is wonderful and I know we can look forward to a great concert.”

Isobel Mieras- Isobel Mieras, Scotland's master teacher of the clarsach, and director of Na Clarsairean

“I just got home from some weekend concerts, and your package is here on my desk. So, I’m listening and wow- it is just so relaxing and wonderful. Congratulations over and over!”

Sue Richards- Sue Richards, Scottish harp champion and recording artist

“With the release of “Celtic Journeys”, Brandywine Harps adds another jewel in the crown of the tradition of harp orchestras. Janet Witman’s masterful arrangements are a joy to hear, in particular a truly delightful treatment of “Carolan’s Concerto” arranged as a rag! Thoroughly enjoyable!”

Valerie Green- Valerie Green, host of Harpestry on 88.7 FM in Louisiana